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What is Conciliation?

Conciliation is a legislated process established within the Canada Labour Code which provides dispute resolution assistance to trade unions and employers. A conciliator is appointed by the federal minister within 15 days of notice of impasse from either the Union or Company. The Conciliation Officer does not have the power to impose a settlement on either party. Instead, their role is to mediate between the parties and help them reach an agreement. Unifor, provided notice of impasse on Monday March 25, 2019 to the minister.

This process can take up to 60 days from the appointment date. If the Union and SaskTel cannot come to agreement within 60 days, the time-frame can be extended, or conciliation can be terminated. If conciliation is terminated there is a 21-day cooling off period for both parties which can include mediation. If the parties are unable to negotiate a contract by the end of the 96-day time-frame the Union may take job action up to and including strike action and the employer has the ability to lockout the employees.

Your bargaining committee is fully committed to achieving a fair collective agreement for all members of Local 1S and 2S. But, in order to achieve this goal, we need your support. We all want a fair and equitable deal. We believe this is the best scenario for everyone involved.

Ultimately the Company has to want a fair deal, but to date has not shown an interest. Our ultimate goal is to work toward a settlement that addresses the core issues of our membership. That being said members should plan for job action and budget accordingly over the next 96 days.

Please stay tuned for further information on how you can help your bargaining committee reach a tentative agreement they can confidently recommend to you!

In Solidarity,

Unifor Local 1S/2S Bargaining Committee

March 26, 2019